Our Approach

Our Approach

To live as sustainable as can be in our urban home. Even if you live in the city you can still feel a part of nature with a garden, chickens or anything that gets you out to enjoy and smell the fresh air.

Our Story

Our Story

Starting with just four backyard chickens to reach closer to one of our dreams of having a farm. We haven't reached the finish line to a full scale farm yet but in the mean time have learned to enjoy the suburban area with backyard small farming experiences.

Meet the Team

My partner and I along with our fluffy pup and chickens


Chicken Momma

Founder of our Urban Farm

Have grown up with a mix of animals from my childhood and on. I'm inspired both by my grandfather and father who raised farms of their own in entire different regions of the world.


Chicken Dad

Vice President of Oh Happy Farm

A fixer upper ready to save the day! Love learning and creating new projects that can help us create resources out of our own backyard.


Chicken Sister

CFO of the Farm

I help momma and daddy by corralling the chickens (more like chasing them) or help digging things up in the backyard so they can plant yummy things.

Next Steps...

Peck me through email if you have any questions