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Care for Chickens

Bedding for your Chickens

A nice soft bedding is needed for your ladies for a wonderful sleep and happy dreams (chickens really do dream!). My first instinct was to get cedar shavings but found out it can be toxic to chickens! It can give off ‘fumes’ that may kill some parasites but can affect chickens respiratory system enough to …

Care for Chickens

Dust Bathing for Chickens

What is Dust Bathing? Unlike us humans, chickens bathe with dirt. Sure as a kid, I’d jump in dirt, building mud castles but those days are over. For chickens it’s a ritual, a cleansing ritual that’s almost meditative for them. When chickens start to feel dirty they begin digging around themselves picking up loose dirt …

Care for Chickens

Meet our Ladies

    From left to right is Laura, Little Foot, Elena and Maya. They came to us at the age of about 10 months old. The original care takers could no longer keep them due to their HOA rules. Rules smules who needs them, luckily we don’t have rules like that and our neighbors don’t …