Care for Chickens

Calcium From Your Chicken’s Eggs

I started discovering one of my chickens had soft shelled eggs that gave her trouble laying eggs. Through some digging I found we had an antidote from our very own chickens….their EGGS!

It’s the eggshells that has calcium for your chickens to lay strong quality eggs. There are quite a few different ways you can go about preparing these shells for your ladies.

Make sure to rinse the eggs removing the membrane and air dry by spreading over a dish towel or dry paper towel. Others like to bake the eggs shells until they crumble easily but I find no need to do this. The reason some folks bake the egg shells is due to the fear of leading their chickens to eating their own eggs. My ladies have never gone to eating each other’s eggs. If anything they cluck at the top of their lungs letting me know they laid an egg and it’s ready for pick up. And if you supply them with a side of their own crushed egg shells this will lesson the risk of them pecking at their own eggs in search of calcium.

To crush the eggs, I use a spoon or something similar to crush the shells into small pieces. You don’t want them too small to where they’re almost powder like but small enough for them to eat easily, about half a dime size. Once done have it as a side dish next to their main feed dish. I don’t recommend mixing it in with their feed as it might give them too much calcium. It should be an option for them to peck at it whenever they desire to have some. But be sure to only use their OWN egg shells not store bought or someone else’s flocks. Your ladies may not be accustomed to the bacteria that might be in other eggs.

If you have leftover crushed eggs shells I like to store them in a glass jar or reused oatmeal container to use for later at any time they run low. Your ladies will only eat as much as they need so don’t worry about filling up a bowl of it for them to use at any time they please.

Another option for calcium are oyster shells available at feed stores, I’ve bought some here on Amazon. But I find my ladies love their own egg shells better, might be a little softer, easier to peck at than the oyster shells. And in the long run you save money!

With love for all living things,

Crazy Sexy Cool Chicken Momma