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From left to right is Laura, Little Foot, Elena and Maya. They came to us at the age of about 10 months old. The original care takers could no longer keep them due to their HOA rules. Rules smules who needs them, luckily we don’t have rules like that and our neighbors don’t mind the little bit of clucking especially when they get eggs every now and then. Soon I hope one day all homes can have chickens if they want to or not. Austin, TX is actually now encouraging all home dwellers to have backyard chickens of their own on top of receiving a rebate after buying a chicken coop. City of Austin has felt that having chickens can help with composting which will reduce trash output and having eggs that are not mass produced. Yes Austin!

Ok getting back to our chickens, I named the lightest brown one, Laura after the Little House on the Prairie book series written by Laura Ingles Wilder one of my all time favorite authors. These books are about a little girl who lives out in the country terrain of Wisconsin in the 1870’s and 1880’s. My father was from Wisconsin who grew up on a farm but as I child I didn’t know much about this but I feel subconsciously this love of country living was inside me that in turn led me to these books. Laura in the books talk about her country adventures from her childhood up to a grown young lady. I always saw myself like her taking on adventures outside not wanting to be restrained by society.

Little Foot, the brownish reddish one was named after one of my favorite movies, Land Before Time. Why named after a dinosaur you ask? Well chickens after all are descendants of dinosaurs. She is a feisty one like a dinosaur who makes her own path while others follow along just like Little Foot’s character. Along with being brave she also has a big heart who likes to join me for company. Do I dare say she is my favorite!??!!

Elena was named after one of my best friend’s grandmother who had passed away several years ago. Like her grandmother, Elena had the most caring heart, she would watch over the other girls like a mother. If one was hurt she would lay by her side until she got better. Not only did she have the most caring heart but she was one of the most beautiful. A natural model who had the perfect pose every time I took a picture of her. Out of all the girls, she was the most photogenic who recieved the most attention on social media. Unfortunately she past away not too long ago, caring for others by putting them first before herself. It was a hard time for us didn’t know how much it could hurt to lose a chicken. But I found solace in the chicken community who could understand, by going through similar instances and feeling the same way. She is now in chicken heaven always though looking over her ladies.

Maya, the dark beauty is named after Maya Angelou the famous African American poet. She has a grace about her that others look up to, following her lead. Miss bossy takes over what she wants, she takes first dibs on all the meal worms. Just with her stare she will captivate your attention as you look deep into her dark soul of eyes. Her feathers shimmer a glistening greenish blue color against the sun light as if she is in the spotlight like Maya Angelou.

These ladies have brought so much love into our lives, I truly feel they were meant for us as we were meant for them. I’ve always loved the outdoors but they have had us come out with more of an exuberant heart that is at peace. They are my therapy that have had us enjoy the present moment deeply.

I hope you all can get a taste of these special moments as we share our chicken journey.


With love for all living things,

Crazy Sexy Cool Chicken Momma


  1. Hey Crazy Sexy Cool Chicken Momma! Love your blog. I had 14 hens giving to us from an older gentleman that was loosing his eye sight. Doc said “No more chickens! You are going to fall and hurt yourself!” So we welcomed them to our family. Having a blast with the new members! Getting roughly 10 eggs a day from brown to blue ones! Most of our ladies are Rhode Island Reds but do have 4 Ameraucanas. I believe they are the blue egg layers. We recently moved out to the country and have already raised five hogs and now the chicks. Having a great time!

    1. That’s great Chad! Seems you all are slowly growing a big ole happy farm and were meant to receive those chickens from the gentlemen. I have an Ameraucana as well and love her blue eggs. Keep up the great farming work, it’s a ton of fun!

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