Happy Eco-Friendly Totes

Art messages that give happiness on roomy burlap totes that can fit a stack of books, your laptop, supplies from a farmer's market or even a chicken!

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Happy Art Prints

Art prints of happy messages to hang right up on that blank wall of yours or even on your chicken's coop!

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Happy Egg Recipes

Recipes to come as we gain more eggs from our ladies!

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Since 1993


I'm from Austin, TX where we have backyard chickens that lay eggs with love. Here to show how our life is with chickens and how you too can have chickens of your own!

Along with stories of our everyday life with chickens, I'd like to show our process of growing resources out of our backyard, caring for chickens that enhances theirs and our healthy happy lifestyle.

Through this journey of having chickens, I've been inspired to create art pieces with touches of inspirational funny messages. Hope ya'll join along on our wild chicken ride and stay for a while!


With love,

Elisa Prell

A.K.A Crazy Chicken Lady